Windows 8.1 Update 1 BSOD

Just installed Windows 8.1 update 1, removed Comodo first, used removal tool etc., reinstalled and computer blue screens - not happy!

It’s a known bug, see Hopefully it will be fixed pretty quickly!

I’m sorry to report that I’m not having any problems updating Windows. I wish I did. I’ve had plenty of experience troubleshooting start-up & shut-down issues because of my settings (hips=paranoid mode, trusted vendors unchecked), and I feel that I can solve any problem I may have, so I don’t know what to say to help. A few thoughts:
My system - Windows 8.1 64-bit Home edition.
I’m using Comodo Anti-virus, not firewall, but I’m having a hard time imagining that the BSOD’s are firewall issues.
I see no sign of the dlls msgina or gina in my directories or registry, before and after the upgrade.
I disabled hips and sandbox when installing the update. It’s just common sense to me. There are new files being installed which probably are not trusted yet, and I don’t want any security program to interfere with the installation process before & after rebooting.
After the reboot, I turned hips and sandbox back on, rebooted several times, shut down and powered up my machine. No need to go into auto-learning mode. Some alerts requesting unlimited access - TrustedInstaller, wuauclt, vssvc.

I’ll report back if any problem arises, but I’m not expecting any. If there are any, I’m sure that the logs will show the problem.

CIS is working fine for me on Windows 8.1 Update 1, could you perhaps share in what situation you got the blue screen? For example if you believe it could be related to a certain module of CIS so I could test that module specifically and see if I get any blue screens?

I agree the results are to inconsistent to pure & simply be incompatibility issues with CIS and Win 8.1U1. :slight_smile:
If this was the case everyone updating would be affected.

As Sanya says, we need to dig deeper to find the cause.

I’ve just installed Windows 8.1 Update 1 via the normal Windows Update channel. I took a disk image before I started, given the problems being reported, but the update (there were several updates installed) was installed perfectly normally and everything worked well after the reboot. I took no special precautions and applied the update with CIS running just as I would for a normal update.

I was immediately offered a second update (a single update - KB2933809) after the reboot, so I took another disk image and then installed that. Again everything went normally and everything appears to be working normally after the reboot.

I’m running CIS 7.0.315459.4132 and Windows 8.1 was up to date at the time of running today’s updates.

No BSOD here, but I appreciate the warning. :slight_smile:

After shutting down my machine last night, and starting up this morning, I had problems that I did not have yesterday. I don’t really understand why because I did shut down my machine yesterday and power it up again. I create my own problems by not following recommended procedures. I don’t trust Microsoft files, HIPS set to paranoid mode. After installing Comodo, I move all trusted files to unrecognized in order to scan the files in the cloud. I will keep them there for as long as I can, but there are times when I can’t wait any longer to get a trusted verdict. But if I take the risk of trusting a program on my own, the program can access the internet without anti-leak rules to allow it. I’m trying really hard to get used to the sandbox feature, but I will probably disable it soon.
My problem this morning was a stall in starting my startup programs because Searchindexer was sandboxed. No BSOD. There does seem to be a need to start my machine at least one time in training mode.

Well I know that’s not true as this is a brand new laptop that had nothing installed but Windows 8.1 Pro - I’ve gone back to Kaspersky, at least they know what their doing…

I’m kinda ■■■■ with IT, but I waited for the update and installed on a fresh laptop only Windows installed, rebooted all okay, installed Comodo did all the initial updates/scan rebooted and straight away a BSOD.

Hi romil,
Great problems could stem from running HIPs in paranoid mode and removing all OS files out of the trusted files list.
The result could be legit critical system files getting quarantined or sandboxed, resulting in an unstable system.
IMO, you would be safer leaving OS files recognized with HIPs run in safe mode in preference to needing training mode for the OS to function correctly.

Hi tsgc84,
I am not sure what you are saying is not true?

Remembering software conflicting with other software is not the only factors involved, there are a lot of hardware variations as well.
A combination of both software with different hardware variations can have very different results.
It would be great for everyone, if we could find a common cause of the inconsistent results.

Kind regards.

Should I give it another try? And NO I am not lying, I now have 2 laptops one I use for work, the other for home use, this laptop I now use at home.

Hi tsgc84,
I am in no way doubting you or your issues. :slight_smile:

It is up to you if you give it another try.
My concern is trying to find the cause with the inconsistent results in the hope to help all users and Developers.

Have both systems had the issue?
If yes, is there any other common element between the two systems that you can think of?

Kind regards.