Windows 8.1 tablet security

I use CIS on my laptop, but just purchased a windows tablet. There is limited memory available. Wondering if there is a way to install a “light” version of CIS. For example, is there a way to rely on the cloud only rather than have virus definitions in memory? Any other suggestions to lighten CIS? Perhaps just CIS AV would be OK? Does anyone use full blown CIS on tablet?

no replies to my request for advice on CIS installation on Win 8.1 tablet, so I have installed Panda Cloud AV (free) instead. Panda appears to meet my requirements for a light effective AV and I don’t see any negative impact on performance. Panda protection is all cloud based so does not require local virus definitions…so light on the limited storage on the tablet. I would still prefer to have a made by comodo solution, and open to any advice. Thanks

Hi zmiles,

Maybe Comodo Firewall with Cloud Lookup enabled, as described here.