Windows 8.1 support?


When will we see support for Windows 8.1?

No one knows yet, hopefully soon.

I believe that it is likely that this will be implemented in the next release, but cannot say for sure.

I believe it’s highly likely due to the fact that the unofficial beta (alpha) seems to work on Windows 8.1 RTM as reported by another user, and supposedly Windows 8.1 RTM went up on that one Microsoft thingy MSDN or something like that, also think it might be up on Dreamspark but I’m not sure, I don’t have access to either of them. The official release of Windows 8.1 is not that far away and I would believe that it is in Comodo’s best interest to have a working version out by then.

The Windows 8.1 CIS will probably be out soon. They have not released it because they are probably still working on it.