Windows 8.1 final release and Comodo!


I have a big problem now!

I have updated my windows 8 to 8.1 and now comodo doesn’t start, and the most serious problem is that I can’t uninstall comodo because I receive this error

Anyway to uninstall comodo firewall from windows 8.1?

As this appears to be for Comodo Endpoint Protection, and not Comodo Internet Security, I will move this to the correct section of the forum. This way it is more likely to be viewed by those who better understand Comodo Endpoint Protection.

I was having the same issue after I updated to 8.1. To fix it I redownloaded the installation files and reran the uninstall from control panel. It worked that time around so I’m guessing it’s looking for those files somewhere on the PC. Unfortunately the firewall still isn’t compatible but the AV is working great. Hope this helps.


I installed comodo firewall free!! I don’t know why the setup is saying endpoint security!

On the install/remove programs it shows Comodo Firewall 6.3.32439.2937.


Okay. In that case I’ll move this back.

Also, please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this topic. Let me know if that helps.

I don’t understand you, you downloaded the setup again?

I tried that but it says that the setup can’t replace the installed software.

I forgot to mention that for your case I would advise running the removal tool in Safe Mode.

I can use revo uninstaller to remove all the files?

Even with the uninstaller setup giving error?

I have a x64 OS but my revo detects comodo :wink:


Please run the removal tool referenced in my post (the one which is safe for Windows 8 and 8.1) in Safe Mode as well as uninstalling using Revo. This may remove even more files.

For some reason the comodo uninstall is working now, i don’t know why but I sucefully uinstalled comodo firewall using the original uninstall + revo.

I will wait for a new version compatible with windows 8.1.

Any news about that?


This version is supposed to have compatibility with CIS 6.3. Please try running the removal tool as well. Then restart your computer and see if, after restarting, CIS 6.3 now installs correctly.

just ‘upgraded’ to windows 8.1, and since comodo firewall isn’t working anymore i tried to uninstall it but get the same error screen as the OP,
and i can still see some processes of comodo running in the task manager.
more annoying is the fact that at each restart of windows i get this screen:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Did you try to reinstall it by following the advice I give in this topic? It seems to me that something gets corrupted during the upgrade. However, I’ve received feedback which makes me believe that reinstalling it by following these methods should be able to get you up and running again.

Does it work for you?

I’ve managed - in secure mode - to delete CIS from my Win8.1, but running the newest CIS upgrade was no success. So I’ll wait and see if Comodo comes up with a working solution. If not I’ll try to settle down with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall only. I will miss CIS if they don’t manage this upgrade 8 to 8.1, but frankly speaking - I don’t think that will be the case.

I had the above mentioned problems as well except that I was able to uninstall CIS with CCleaner. I then ran it’s registry cleaner and the Auslogics one before downloading and running the CIS 6.3 installer. It installed fine and everything works. I had to redownload the virus DB and do the quick Scan over again though as well as redo all my settings.

Hello guys, Windows 8.1 update destroys CIS registry data.

You can return CIS into working state running the diagnostic manually:
please run following command in CIS working dir, typically “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security”:
cis.exe --diagnoseUI

It will restore CIS functionality but windows upgrade destroys your settings.

Posted literally less than five minutes after I checked this thread and then uninstalled CIS to then re-install it again. 88) Well at least I’ve got a working CIS now on Windows 8.1 but I can’t test the solution you’ve posted, it’s supposed to be a solution right? ???

Edit: I can however confirm that what Dch48 did also worked for me! :-TU

I cannot do

cis.exe --diagnoseUI
because cis.exe does not exist! I have cfp.exe. Anyway, I’ve uninstalled it via ccleaner. Is there an ETA on when we will have a compatible version for 8.1?

Actually, this version is compatible with Windows 8.1. The issue was that the upgrade process damaged the registry.

However, a new install will likely work fine. However, to do that please follow the advice I give in this topic. Let me know how it goes.