windows 7

Will CIS work with windows 7 ? Thanks

It should work. It is working here on Win 7 RC. Win7 is not “officially supported” yet but works non the less.

CIS works fine with Windows 7 RTM, RC, Beta.

Thanks I’m going to try it.

i will buy win7 on oct,22nd.
ie8 is great.
and win7 rc also well.
i think win7 will be good.

4putt ,

be careful, Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit may be differently supported by CIS.
For example , i saw reports on these forums which described problems with CIS on 64 bit Windows which were not present on 32 bit Windows and at least one report describing “blocker” problem which presents on all officially supported systems: Windows Vista x64 and Windows XP x64.

Windows 7 is a similar kernel to Windows Vista, so CIS should work with both very well.

However, Windows 7 support will vary slightly due to security changes and other architecture changes that have changed slightly.

Not quite true but close. Win 7 builds on the Vista kernel. Vista= kernel v6.0; Win 7 = kernel v6.1.

That is what I meant for the most part.

Worth reading