Windows 7

I am facing problems with latest comodo release and windows 7 rc1, sometimes when i start windows after entering the password on login, the taskbar will be locked and nothing will happen , then i can not do anything, i should reset my computer go to safe mode and then restart again !
i have seen this problem on 2 different computers !
what should i do ?
when i exit comodo everything works fine !

I have been running comodo on W7 RC1 without any problems. It is possible that you have setup some rule in D+ or the firewall that are too tight.

You could try to uninstall CIS, and re-install. After the initial installation, disconnect from the internet and run the firewall and D+ in training mode, start all your favourite software and reboot a couple of times. Then set the modes back to your preference.

Hope it works for you.


Try to use ‘Traning Mode’.

1.D+: turn on ‘Traning Mode’
2.Firewall: turn on’Traning Mode’

Thnx for the replies
I have uninstalled and installed again, it seems working now
but what is the best mode with tightest security ? training mode ?

Do not leave it in “Training Mode” for long, just run all your regular programs so there behavior can be learn`t and then switch to another mode. Do not download or install stuff while in Training unless you trust it 100%

As for which is the safest mode, then setting the “Firewall Behavior Settings” to Custom with Alert settings on High.
Defence+ is up to you, “Clean pc” if you wan`t to deal with Pending files, “Safe-Mode” is probably the easiest to use, Paranoid is what it says.

Also set your configuration to “Pro-active security” which is the tightest.