windows 7

hi there! i hope this is the right section to ask the following question:
when does comodo is planning to release firewall that is compatible with windows 7?

It’s not officially supported yet, but there are many users running CIS on Windows 7 with no problems.

oh, i see, gotcha. thanks for the answer.

I use CIS on Windows 7 system.

It works fine.

But you need to turn off windows firewall and defender(also turn off windows defender in service menu).
If you don’t? you will have lots of problems.

Do not agree.Here, on windows 7RTMx64 everything’s fine with windows firewall enbled.I’m testing it from build 7100.N.P.

If you’re using the firewall in CIS, you should turn off the Windows firewall. It’s never a good idea to run two software firewalls.

Everybody is saying that,but i REALLY do NOT have a problem.And this is for several months.When the problems have to come? ;D
WIndows firewall is not a regular firewall.

Then you are either lucky or just haven’t noticed any problems. The Windows firewall is indeed a regular firewall. Microsoft themselves say to turn it off if you have installed another firewall…

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OK.Explain, please MS firewall and Windefender system work. :)))))

You don’t understand MS firewall system and Windows Defender.
That’s why you are keep saying that.
I think you don’t know what’s going on inside of your system.

For your guidance,
I’ve been used Windows 7 from Beta to Windows7 X64 Build 7600 16385 Final RTM.

I’ll show you.
But I don’t think you can understand what are they talking about.

Everyone say YES, but you say NO.
Everyone say NO, but you say YES.
What can we say?

Hah, i can show you too.If i type windows 7+firewall in google, i can post here thousands of links.You can’t explain anything and I new it even before your post.What I will understand, you cannot know.And ,if everybody say yes,but i say NO,it’s because i SEE with my eyes what’s happening with my pc.I’m not such a theoretic,prefer to test and gain my own experience,not just copying useful links.


I think the rule of thumb to not use two firewalls at the same time is the rule of precaution. That doesn’t mean two firewalls couldn’t succesfully live side by side. That’s all there is too it. Simple as that.

+1 Agree :-TU