Windows 7?

I’ve read a few posts from the Windows 7 beta (build 7000) but I am wondering if anybody has any more information about the RC (7100). Any information is greatly apricated. I have also tried installing “3.8.65951.477” but that just gave me a BSOD. I did run as Vista (Service Pack 1) and as an administrator.

I was wondering if 3.9 (which apparently was supposed to be release today???) had any more bug fixes, or how I could get this fully functional on a Windows 7 machine.

Thank you very much for this awesome awesome antivirus! :slight_smile:

My system is Windows 7 7100RC X64 with CIS 3.9.

As you know, 3.8.65951.477 has BSOD problems.
But there is no BSOD with 3.9.
Official 3.9 has been released.
It works fine.(even comodoe leak test works fine)
When you install CIS do not use ‘Vista compability mode’.
Just intall CIS as an administrator.

I recommed you following settings.
1.Turn off UAC.
2.Turn off windows security settings in control panel and Administrative tools>Services(windows firewall, windows defender etc).
because, some of services still alive even if you turn it off in the control panel.
So you need to turn it off manually.

Found bug with 3.9.(under windows 7 7100RC)
1.sometimes process termination doesn’t work or delayed.(in Windows Task Manager, in D+ View Active Process List, both of them)
2.sometimes file opening is delayed.(in Windows)

3.Action center doesn’t show CIS.(this is not a bug. CIS work fine, you can turn it off those warning messages)



When you say “sometimes file opening is delayed” is that within Windows or opening something from Comodo (such as the program display properties)?

Also, how slow?

It means within windows.
It looks like system freezing.
Such as when you open a property(in windows) for some file and normal file, it’s delayed about few minutes(2~3min or even more).
In this case, you should restart Windows.(restarting windows works fine)

I believe I misread your post, you said on systems below the 7100 have those problems. Can you confirm that’s what it says?

Sorry if I seem somewhat forceful here, but I don’t want to do something I’ll regret in the morning… Also, if you can, have you / are you running 7 with Comodo without problems?

There is no error messages with delayed file opening.(just delayed)

I already told you one of my system is Windows 7 7100RC X64+CIS 3.9.

Try to use CIS 3.9.
It works nice.

Could you redirect me to the 3.9 download? I can’t find it on the Comodo website…

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Official CIS(not beta, not RC)




Thank you kind sir. I wasn’t able to find it on, so thanks! I’ve installed it in a VM for now, I’ll play around with it see how it’s working and if it’s doing what I hope it would. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :smiley:

P.S: How often would you say that the delayed programs would happen? Hourly?

No problem.

Hourly or Daily.
I can’t predict. ;D

Well I installed it and it serverly messed up my computer. I had to reformat. I’m going to stick with Avast until 7 is completely supported by Comodo.

Thank you for your help.