Windows 7

I would like to try the latest Comodo on my computer running a trial version of Windows 7.
Could a fellow reader kindly, who has installed ,give me detailed instructions on how to do it
Thanks and Regards


Actually, I came in to check if anyone have installed CIS in Windows 7 (build 7022), 'cause mine doesn’t load at all.

BTW, I kinda like 7, it seems to be very fast compared to Vista x32

I have installed Comodo V3.8.64739.471 on windows 7 the build you mentioned and the firewall is not working properly… now I’m downloading a Comodo update and will see after it

I couldn’t update Comodo due to an error happened while installing, i thought it finished installing but it was an error and i couldn’t do any update again due to a passed url problem

i tried the diagnostic tool to fix the problem but it couldn’t so there is a report attached

I hope you fix this :slight_smile:

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u want me to install comodo 3.8 build 477 on vista x64 build 7048 ? with screenshots ?
if u want, no prob for me, it will take 5 min.
then some screenshots with snagit and voila.
so just ask if u want me to test.
it’s possible that build 7048 is more stable than 7022, but i saw no changes,
i tested 7022 x86 and X64,
this win7 is not marvellous,
i wonder why they release that…
it’s vista, so people that didnt like vista will not like win7 lol

win7 64bit Build 7048 with comodo 3.8 build 477

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I’ve installed CIS on Windows 7, the only non-standard thing you have to do is run the installer in Vista compatibility. And the manual updater doesn’t work (it claims an error about a “wrong URL”), but aside from that it works quite well.

The installer needs to be run in compatibility also.