Windows 7

I have been trying W7 for a few weeks now
It definately needs Comodo.
I realize you can use the Vista settings but that is not what i want.
So please Comodo come on lets have a dedicated program ASAP.

It’s a beta. :o Nobody develops software for a beta OS…? MS may change it drastically without notice, making development to date futile. When it’s released, there will be CIS for Win7 at short notice. :wink:

About what i thought.

On my Windows 7 CIS still didnt work in vista mode. Blue Screened ???

What? Even despite the fact that Microsoft have claimed that the beta is actually feature complete and that all they’re doing now is bug testing. There have been some changes since the beta has been released, but most of them have either been bug fixes or cosmetic changes. I think you’re overstating the volatility of Windows 7, IMHO.

Well I hope you’re right about the Win 7 version being released at short notice.

Anyways I have been using the Vista x64 version on Windows 7 x64 and its been running quite well. The only problems that I have experienced with it are the same problems that Vista x64 users have experienced, namely that Comodo blocks certain applications and games, leaving me with a black screen where I can’t do anything. The latest .477 has fixed some of those issues although there are still a few. With those few I have been able to get around the problem by manually giving permission to those apps.

I’m just talking from experience, Comodo’s always been among the first to support new Windows versions, 32 and 64 bits. And considering that what you say may be so, precisely because Win7 is more than 90 per cent made up of material from previous Windows versions…

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I don’t get it… what exactly is the problem? If you run the installer in vista compatibility mode, the CIS will work fine afterwards. What more do you want? (this applies to builds 7000 through 7048 inclusive)

After iinstalling you also need to make the updater Vista compatible otherwise you will cannot update.

Please could you explain how you do that ?

The file cfpupdate.exe, located in the Comodo/Comodo Internet Security directory needs to be run in compatibility mode.

i have already updated twice today,once when i booted this Morning and just now although the data base hasn’t changed. It is 1030
Just so i know in future pleas guide me to the directory you are refering to

Even so, I think Win7 is a different type of file format, like the difference between 32 and 64. That’s why it’s supposed to be faster. I think it was designed for the next generation of chipsets coming out on the market that are designed for the i7 processor, which does the work of the northbridge. Basically, in effect, taking the place of the northbridge. In addition, it supports triple channel memory, which neither Vista nor XP are optimized for. It’s a faster system designed for a new generation of hardware. There is going to be a lot of differences. But it should be Vista compatible.

Locate your Program Files folder. This is usually on the boot drive (C: in most cases).
the Comodo folder (Comodo, inside that is the Comodo Internet Security folder) is located here.
I hope this helps you.

Thanks john

i have just updated again to 1035 and also informed that there is a program update.First i have heard of it.
Any thoughts
It would appear as if auto updates is working correctly and dosn’t need any further changes

Have you removed or added any ‘Trusted’ vendors’ from the list.
This is a known ‘bug’.

Nothing’s straight out of the box except to change the compatibility in the installer

477 runs a treat on Windows 7 and updates perfectly.
Thanks to compatibility mode.

with build 7068, the action center status message format seems to have been changed.
Action center no longer recognizes D+, AV & FW engines.

Follow this video on how to install programs in Win7. - YouTube

You can do it for CIS too, though “low-level” programs like that don’t always work in Win7 even with compatibility mode on. I tried GeSWall and I don’t think it does.