Windows 7

I have installed the Vista 64 bit version of Comodo Internet security on Windows 7 beta 64 bit.
I get an error saying that “The network firewall is not functioning properly.”
I realise that I have installed it on an operating system it was not designed for but I was hoping that being based on Vista 64bit, it would work.
Any Help. Thanks

No biggy. You need to install in Vista Compatibility mode. I had forgotten it with the 32 bits version and ended up with a not working firewall. So, uninstall, reboot and install again.

It works like a charm here on Win 7 beta (7000).

Thanks Eric, that sorted it. I am starting to like windows 7 and am pleased that I am not having issues with 64 bit drivers. Just glad that I could get Comodo to work with it.
thanks again

Win 7 rocks. It works like a charm with my older hardware and has nice new features. It is my default OS already…