Windows 7 wont boot after uninstalling CTM - HELP!

Hi all,

Thought I’d try CTM today and have now got an issue I cant resolve, this is what I did :

  1. Installed CTM

  2. Took 2 test snapshots

  3. Deleted the 2 test snapshots again. After deleting the 2nd snapshot, when asked if I wanted to defrag after deletion - hit yes. PC screen crashed and machine rebooted.

  4. At this point the machine would not boot at all - due to /Boot/BCD.

  5. Went into the Comodo console and uninstalled.

  6. Ran windows startup repair - it found an issue and resolved it.

Now the machine attempts to start (Windows is starting screen appears) and hangs. If I re-run the windows startup repair - it says it cannot fix the issue which was caused by a recent hardware or software change.

If I boot in safe mode it hangs while attempting to load CTMMount.sys.

The machine is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Anyone got any ideas how I can get my machine running again without having to reinstall Windows?


Hmmm… Seems that something went wrong during the uninstallation.
I’m new to CTM and can’t help you further.
Hope some of the programmers could help you here.

Thanks for all the replies so far. Heres an update of where I am :

The machine has 2 hard disks - disk 1 (80Gb solid state) which has 2 partitions - 100Mb system reserved and the remaining partition with the original Win 7 installation on it. Disk 2 is a 1.5Tb Serial ATA.

I’ve installed Windows 7 to the second disk, after doing so disk 1 does not get drive letters assigned. Gone into drive management and I can assign a drive letter to the 100Mb partition but not the larger Win 7 partition.

If I put the Windows 7 DVD in - and ask it to install to the partition on disk 1 originally containing Windows 7 - it says it cannot install to this drive as its an unknown partition type.

Loading the original Windows 7 installation does the same as before - ie in safe mode it will load a pile of drivers and then hang at the message of “Loading \Windows\SysWow64\CTMMount.sys”

I’m at the stage now where I just need access to this original drive so that I can copy the contents of the Users folder somewhere else - at this point I will be happy to delete and recreate the partition and reinstall Windows 7.

Anyone got any further ideas/suggestions?



What I can say is that the use of 3rd party live CD to access that partition could give you a worst situation due to changes in the snapshots without the CTM driver being loaded. But seems you have no other option to access that partition. Did you try a live Linux CD?
Sorry not being able to help you further.

Also, check