Windows 7 / Windows defender / Defence+

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit.
It has a little flag thinguie in the tray which apparently monitors problems and gives warnings and solutions every now and then.
A few minutes ago it had one of those moments and showed me two issues. One was that my files are not being backed up, and offered to do a backup.
The other is the one that brings me here. It showed my a window (which I have no idea how to get back to) in which among other things that were OK, there was a warning that I had both windows defender real time on and Comodo defense+ on. It did not offer to solve the “problem” it was just some sort of informational warning.

Is this a problem? Should I do something about it?

If I click on the flag right now the only thing showing is the lack of backup. The other issues seem to be gone.

If you go to Control Panel/Security Center and check the anti-spyware programs installed you will see both Windows Defender and Defense+.
So I suppose the window you saw was only informational.