Windows 7 'update' files

Hi, I’m just signed up, so sorry if I’m doing this incorrectly. Just upgraded my desktop to Win 7 Pro and so the egregious Windows Update kicked in. Imagine my consternation when your AV sent up warnings of trojans in these files! I’ve taken a note of the warning and would like to know what’s going on but, in case it’s infra dig to print such things, haven’t put the warning here. Am I able to do this and ask for ideas. please?

Is the AV database up to date? There recently was a false positive that affected two Windows updates but that one is fixed. Hence my question.

If the AV database is up to date can you tell what updates are effected?

Hi, think you’re correct - the ‘bugs’ that appeared in the ‘trail’ were KB2507938 and KB2533623, but they do now appear to have been ‘successful’, rather than ‘failed’.

Please advise, thanx for your help