Windows 7 Starter Edition


I’ve just bought a Dell Inspiron 1018 netbook which comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition and runs as 32 bit. It comes with 1GB RAM of memory.

I know Windows comes with basic Firewall installed, but I want to install Comodo’s free Firewall programme which I have on my main laptop.

But, when I click download, it says ‘run’ and then after it reaches 100%, nothing. No next screen to start up the process.

Is it not possible to have Comodo firewall on this type of netbook? Is the memory a problem?


hey adn warm welcome to comodo forums City2010!

try to download the firewall and see if you’re able to install CF.

Valentin N

I’ve installed CIS on a netbook with same RAM ans win 7 starter without problem. It runs like a charm. Maybe you could give the download another try.

Hi City and Welcome, I only have 1GB with Win 7, no problems. Just a thought are you sure you downloaded the 32 bit and not the 64 bit installer? Hope you find a solution, the amount of Ram won’t be your problem. Kind regards.
Edit- When you download I would save file in preference to run file, and run it after it is saved.

Hey Captainsticks,

Thanks for the welcome (I actually joined a while ago but haven’t been back since). And I took your advice and saved the file onto my desktop first and downloaded it from there and…it worked!

Yeah, I was trying it with 32bit and tried it several times, but it just downloaded stuff and then disappeared. Not sure why saving it first and then running it would make any difference, but it did, which is great. So, thanks again.

To City. I am glad it worked for you. To be honest I am not totally sure why the difference, my guess would be in the way in which your Browser controls its Temp files because using run instead of save would download it to a Temporary location. Kind regards.

Are you downloading the actual package or using the universal web installer? Have you tried installing in safe mode?

Hi Justin L, I managed to do it, thanks. Saving it first and then downloading it seemed to make a difference.