Windows 7 Shut Down Menu Text Disappears

Often the text for all shut down arrow menu options disappears. Hovering the mouse over the options brings up the pop up box text and they still work but it’s hard to use without the fixed text. I don’t remember if this issue started before or after I installed CIS but so far I suspect it might be a CIS bug because the menu text reappears as soon as I uninstall CIS. To confirm I installed and uninstalled it twice and got the same result. Just shutting down CIS does not make the menu reappear. Or maybe this is a conflict between CIS and another program or driver.

[attachment deleted by admin]

That’s weird.

Sounds like something is blocked accessing the monitor or something, e.g., WIndows Messaging.

I’d expect to see a pop-up about it. I’d expect to see entries in the log about it.

Do you have logging enabled? Do you have alerts enabled? What are your security configuration levels? Is the install clean or is it an update, or did you attempt clean install after having a previous iteartion of CIS istalled? Did you import a pre-existing config into a clean install? Did you How long have you let the mouse sit over the spot hoping to see text but no text ever appears and now - akin to a scorned woman - hells fury boils over? I’ve seen where that sort of stuff happen when CIS is generating a ton of alerts in queue; a minute should be long enough though. Is the computer located near a source of intense highly ionized radiation?