Windows 7 RTM officially released!

MSDN subscribers can download it from MSDN.

Will this one be free too? And does it have an expiration date?

TechNet subscribers too.

The license you get is good for life. :wink: It’s final and as if you brought it from the store. :slight_smile: I am getting Ultimate as we speak.

I’m starting “Private Browsing” in Firefox and going someplace. ;D

Is this the download page?

That’s RC version.

RTM(Release to Manufacturing)=same as Retail version.
You can download it from following address.
But you should have one of MSDN or Technet subscription.(Paid subscription)

It’s not free. It’s only for paid subscribers ‘MSDN or Technet’.
There is no expiration date. Because it’s the same as retail products.

:frowning: i dont have payed subscription, Oh well linux will always be my second OS. ;D Linux rocks, and Wine (application in linux) lets you run some windows programs on linux. ;D

I use Linux for the purpose of something differrent.
I always love it.

Going for a clean install this weekend ;D

Beware of this one though:

Windows 7 sucks ! When playing games it crashes way more often than my vLited Vista did. :-TD I already saw a BSOD !

P.S. Win 7 was not tweaked in any way.

Don’t worry.

Which game?
Would you tell me about your system details including the build number of windows 7?

Games that crash on Win 7, NBA 2K9 - never crashed on Vista, Fallout 3 - crashes much more often than on Vista, BSOD included, The Witcher - never crashed on Vista. Street Fighter 4 - sometimes locks up.


8800 GT 512 MB
Win 7 RTM build 6.1.7600.16385 (19 trial days left, not tweaked in any way)

Temperature is definetly not an issue.

There’s a very useful list of games that do work and games with known problems here:

It’s not totally comprehensive yet, but it’s getting there.

I’d like to know where those with crashing games got their version of Windows 7. If it is a RC chances are bugs will be fixed. It can’t be retail as it is not released yet. If it is MSDN, then I worry, but if it is downloaded from a torrent site… don’t pass judgement as you can’t be sure the code has not been tampered with. Keep your comodo on paranoid mode and make sure it updates…

Fallout 3 and NBA 2k9 work fine for me.
(I don’t play street fighter)
I think you have some problem with drivers(motherboard, VGA,sound etc)
Change those drivers to old or latest.

That’s why ‘Hash Value’ exist.

I have all the latest drivers for both Realtek Audio and also for nVidia 8800 GT. These drivers were working fine on Vista.