Windows 7 revisited

Now the the public RC for Windows 7 is available, don’t you think it’s time to work on full Windows 7 support?

I have installed build 498 on Windows 7 RC. Unlike previous releases, the installer didn’t need to be run in Vista compatibility. But, unlike previous releases, CIS’s Defense+ and firewall are not recognized by W7’s Security center, and the AV component is recognized but flagged as “using an obsolete format” to communicate with the Security Center. Otherwise, the product appears to be fully functional.

You’re doing a great job, keep going! :-TU

I agree. High time a Windows 7 support is done, after all this is the Windows 7 RC we are talking about now. There will be no more major update or revision in the source codes.

Can we get a update from Comodo please - need to know wheither to look else where for product. :slight_smile:

Egemen said already that CIS 3.9 is compatible with Win 7.

Running it here on windows 7 RC and it seems to be ok.

I had some issues at first install, but there might have been something wrong on my side.

Everythings running pretty well on Win 7 RC (7100) apart from Halo2 as reported here:;msg277722#msg277722

All versions of 3.9 up to the latest RC2 exhibit the problem.

Windows 7 doesn’t have “Security Center” anymore. It now has “Action Center”. :stuck_out_tongue: But , with CIS, the only thing that needs to be done is linking in with the new API that they have. I think the CIS devs need to study the new API to make sure they do it right. It may seem trivial to us, just writing in a detection if it’s W7 and calling new API, but sometimes it’s tricker than that. I hope by the time CIS 3.9 is finalized it will have complete Action Center compatibility, but it’s not that important. Getting the other features bug free is more important than telling Action Center there is a firewall and antivirus installed. Action Center can be disabled, so it’s a non-important issue. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve found a solution to the problem which doesn’t involve totally disabling Defense+.
It seems to be related to the Buffer overflow protection. I initially unticked the box - detect shellcode injections and this cured the problem.
A bit more investigation revealed that in the Image Execution Control Setings under the Defense+ tab, it is possible to set up exclusions - I added the Halo2 folder and everything now seems fine.

It’s still weird that I don’t need to do this on Vista32 though.

Anyway, hope this helps anyone else who’s come across this issue (and maybe the dev’s also).

The only bug I found with the non-beta Firewall (version, and not the full CIS) is the Comodo Firewall Pro - Updater returns an error message “One of passed string parameters is empty!”
This only showed up with beta RC 7100, the previous beta versions I tested had zero problems with the official release of the Comodo firewall.

Install CIS 3.9 when it is released.