Windows 7: No NAS visible in Network, but yes in "see full map"

Windows 7: I can see my Blackarmor NAS when I click on “see full map” in Network and Sharing center. But it does not appear in the list when I double click on Network icon–thus, I cannot open it there for file access.

I used to be able to do this, but there have been many changes since then, so I have no way to know if one of them caused this. It is just weird that it is “see-able” as on the network, with the correct name, in one case, but does not show up in the other.

Is this a firewall issue? How can I troubleshoot this and make it display in the Network “folder”?

Here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure NetBIOS hasn’t been disabled on the network adapter
  2. In the CIS firewall, make sure the System process is not blocked in Application rules
  3. Make sure you’re not using Windows 7 Homegroups
  4. Open the start menu, in the search area type \the IP address of the NAS - eg. \

If option 3 works, you can use the same method to map a network drive.

Interestingly, I could map a drive all along–it was just annoying that NAS did not show in Network, and that was a quicker connection too.

But, I have been working on a different problem (Firefox would not open router admin page, but IE would). Made lots of changes trying to fix that, and now I see NAS icon =is= appearing in Network. I do not know which change fixed this issue.

Problem accidentally fixed by unknown means, but I think it was Comodo uninstall/reinstall that did it.