Windows 7 - multiple system requests

Whenever I install s’thing on Windows 7, i have to disable Comodo as even in install mode it keeps asking permission for system.

I can’t define a policy for system as it’s greyed out.

Any chance there’s a setting to fix this? thx

Hi Lister,

I’m running Win7 also and can’t say that it does this for me, and I’m running ProActive+Paranoid so that should alert :wink:

Can you explain and/or post a few screenshots of the alerts you are getting “after” giving the installer the “installer / updater” permissions ?

the ruleset of “System” is a predefined rule called windows system application. In this rule everything is allowed. So system can do what it want like it should.

the requests must have another origin.

I’m using Win7 RC and never got such a problem.

For example, I was installing the sygmatel drivers and I got about 20-30 alerts for ‘system’ - (see attachment)

It was in install mode and the executable was checked as an installer.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes this is correct, Egemen (Project Leader) stated that there is “internal” logic for a few of those including these.
I guess as a downside these start to appear, I’ll see if i can ask him if this is intended behavior or not.

That is the services.exe.

Since 3.10 this appears, 'cause the devs changed the settings for registry modification.
The easiest but MOST UNSAFE way is to add “*” to allowed registry keys. So this is NOT recommend but would solve your problem.