Windows 7 Home Preminum starts crashing with BSOD after a recent Comodo upgrade

My computer has been running fine on Windows 7 and Comodo Internet Security for several years. Recently it started getting BSOD, the offending driver was for the built in NIC el100b2s.sys. If I disabled it, Windows 7 would work fine. I naturally suspected spyware and did a complete scan. Comodo picked up two, and cleaned them. But the problem kept coming back. So I wiped the computer, re-installed Windows 7 and installed Comodo on first reboot. Within 3 seconds after the install finished, the computer crashed - same error. When windows rebooted, comodo gave the message that it cannot start the agent, but I was able to save the report before it crashed again. See attached file.

I used system restore to go back to the restore point before Comodo install, and windows hasn’t crashed yet. I have been typing for few minutes, and it hasn’t crashed.

Please help… any ideas?? Has anyone come across this problem?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Did the initial BSOD first occur shortly after CIS updated to a new version?

Also, am I correct in understanding that if you reformat the system, and don’t install CIS, there is no BSOD? However, if you install CIS the BSOD occurs? Is this correct?

Were there any other security programs on the computer right before you installed CIS (after reformatting)?

You are correct. The system was running perfectly when after one recent Comodo update I started getting BSOD. I wasn’t sure if it was the spyware or Comodo itself that was causing it.

To avoid any problems, I reformatted the hard drive, freshly installed Windows 7 - as soon as I downloaded and installed Comodo it started crashing. No other programs or drivers were installed, just Windows 7 and Comodo Internet Security.

It has not crashed since I went back to the restore point before the Comodo installation.

I am running without any security software, and will not connect my external hard drive with my data until the problem is sorted out. Thanks for your help in advance.

In that case this sounds like a clear case of a bug which was introduced in the last update. Please create a bug report for this in this section of the forum. Be sure to follow the format provided in this post and attach all requested attachments, wherever possible.

Also, please make sure you have a full dump from the BSOD, which you can upload to a file sharing site, such as this one and link to it in your post. A minidump often does not contain enough information for the devs to identify and fix the bug. A full dump is really required.

After creating the bug report I would advise that you run an older version of CIS and not update it until this bug is likely fixed. Older versions can be found on

Thank you and please feel free to ask if you have any questions.