Windows 7 - Have you installed SP1?

Hi all,
Have you installed SP1 for Win 7 and if yes what has been your experiences with it (Positives, negatives etc)?
Any performance or system resource usage changes??

Thanks from Captainsticks.

Yes, I have SP1. There’s nothing really to experience that I’ve noticed, either negatively or positively. More or less, SP1 just seems to be an amalgamation of all W7’s previously released updates.

I installed it directly after its release. I did not come across problems with the software I have installed on my system. I did not notice performance problems. It works like a charm and without a glitch.

As kail states Service Packs are basically a round up of previous updates with usually a few minor changes in the form of added functionality. Only SP 2 for Windows XP brought a lot of changes.

i installed it when it was released. no performance changes positive or negative. no compatibility problems with anything.

I use Windows 7 Pro at work and I was unable to install SP1 successfully either via windows update or downloading as an ISO and installing from CD. For some strange reason, applying SP1 would trash my Windows 7 after reboot ???. Finally, I ended up downloading a full Windows 7 ISO with SP1 built in which installed without problems.

At the time, came across others who had similar problems via Google searches. Good luck with applying SP1. I would recommend taking a backup prior to installation.


I’m with Graham, I have Win7 Home Premium x64 on my laptop; and SP1 just doesn’t like my computer as if i Install it (Successfully) and I restart (Successfully) and Log in, then Once I click on Start or run a program via cmd or shortcut or run dialog i get a BSOD. and I’ve tried many many many many things and it just won’t work well so I do not have SP1 on this laptop… It’s like Either you get it or you don’t…

Hi all,
Thanks for your replies, similar to a Google search very mixed results for sure.
I might have a go at installing SP1 one day if I know I have some free time in case of problems.
I am not having it offered via updates and I have read that some older Intel graphics drivers (Which includes mine) with no updates available can have this happen, no big deal though.

Thanks Graham, yes anything of importance is safely stored.

Thanks from Captainsticks.

On a side note about problems with failing Windows updates or a service pack. You can try the System Update Readiness Tool.

Thanks Eric,
It isn’t offered but I could still try it.
Everything else still updates ok.

Edit: Spelling error.

If your updates run normally without stopping with one of these cryptic error messages then you are likely not in need for using the tool

When using the tool it will need up to half an hour. Don’t get tempted to terminate it; just let it do its thing in the background.

Thanks, no errors at all.

Just as a side note, i installed an image yesterday which was post SP1, then i still had nearly 50 updates to install after :-
The .Net framework 4 is just stupid sometimes!!!

SP1 installed fine on 3 boxes here :slight_smile:


p.s. Make sure you have KB976902 installed before you try and install SP1

Installed when it was released through windows updates. Installation was smooth. No probs or nothing negative after install.