Windows 7 Firewall

I installed Comodo because I was having problems with the windows 7 firewall. However I have found out I can’t disable the window 7 firewall without enabling network sharing and file sharing. Is this a problem if I would like to keep network sharing and file sharing disabled. I assume comodo will block connections trying to use these features but I would prefer to keep them fully disabled, are there any workarounds?


I think you could enable those things just to be able to disable the firewall, then disable them again afterwards.

Yes that did work. I was keeping the windows firewall on ( I read somewhere that certain firewalls build off the new wnidows firewall so to keep in enabled ), unless i needed to disable it for my program. In any case, I will just leave it off and re disable. Comodo will protect fine without the windows 7 firewall correct?


It will probably work better without having to compete with another firewall.

I was also wondering about this. I’m currently using CIS Free with great results on my laptop, however I notice that the Win7 firewall is still enabled. I don’t seem to be noticing any problems and the CIS installer didn’t disable the win7 firewall, so I’m inclined to leave things as they are. I also had read the previously mentioned article (although I don’t remember where either) about leaving the Win7 firewall enabled. What is Comodo’s official position on the matter?

I can’t give the “official” position but they have always said you should disable the Windows Firewall. Comodo’s firewall is far superior anyway and running anything else with it can only cause conflicts. You might have to make rules/exceptions in both firewalls for certain apps and that’s just redundancy. I have never seen a firewall app that didn’t tell you to disable the Windows one to avoid problems. I also have never seen one that said it was built on top of the Windows firewall.

Actually, I take back what I said earlier about it working :(. Once I disable network sharing and file sharing it re-enables the firewall (Never really checked since my program was still working but again its not working and the firewall is on ).

Anyways, I did some more thorough checking and whenever I disable the firewall it enables network sharing and file sharing and when I disable network sharing or file sharing it re enables the firewall. sigh :(.

So as a final verification, comodo will take care of leaving network sharing and file sharing on ( I feel like that is a security risk, why would windows design that this way? argh )


Ok, I think I found a solution. I used gpedit.msc

Computer Configuration->Administrative Templats-> Network → Network Connections → Windows Firewall.

Then in both Standard and Domain Profile I disabled Windows Firewall: Protect all network connections option.

Then I can disable the sharing options through the control panel. Hopefully that actually changes more than the gui appearance.

Thanks for all the help.

Well I opened a ticket with support and the official position is “disabled”. That makes perfect sense, but I’m wondering why the installer doesn’t take care of it? Some people aren’t going to bother to notice.

You are not alone with this.

That’s something unique to Windows 7 then I guess because it doesn’t happen in XP.