Windows 7 Firewall

I installed Comodo firewall on Windows 7 and it is working well. I like it a lot. Windows own firewall is still enabled. I was expecting Comodo firewall to disable Windows firewall. Do I need to manually disable Windows firewall? As I said, Comodo firewall is working well.

It gives you better performance.

For better performance.

1.Disable Windows firewall.
2.Disable Windows Defender.(if you use CAV or other Antivirus tool)

Thanks for that response. I was puzzled because I understood that you must never ever have more than one firewall installed at a time. It would appear that Windows firewall is an exception. Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro automatically disables Windows firewall when it is installed.

That’s true.
I never recommend people more than one firewall.
Windows firewall+other firewall can make a lot of problems.
Some people just believe in there is no problem because they don’t feel any conflictions.
Actually it’s not. It doesn’t give us any errors or conflictions on the surface.
But it doesn’t work properly in the internal without any errors.
It means the internal malfunction.

I cannot even disable Windows 7 Firewall…

it notified me that I have two firewall apps at the same time

so I went into the control panel and tried to turn Windows 7 Firewall off.

It wont let me… something about an administrator locking out the ability to make changes?

it is my personal laptop. I am the admin, clueless, yet I am it…


how do I tell my clueless admin to let me turn off Windows 7 Firewall?



doesn’t make sense, if you got an admin account, nothing can stop you from disabling Windows Firewall. You just get an UAC prompt, according to your settings, and that’s it. Can you post a screenshot of the message telling you that you’re not granted the right to do it?