Windows 7: firewall monitor only local network connections, others no

??? I have a odd problem. CIS 3.13 does detect my HSDPA (3G) connection, asks me to name it. But then it appears that it is not detecting any connection to internet. It appears to monitor localhost connections only. I attached a screen shot of Active Connections window. It does not show any internet connections. I am right now browsing internet and I have download manager downloading software from the internet, but nothing is shown in this dialog windows.

At end of this post, I copied ipconfig /all command output if that is helpful. But before I get this thing working, CIS is totally useless to me. I need to trust that firewall is doing what it says it is doing.

I am sorry, it is in Finnish language, But you may find the information you want anyway.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I think I have the same problem, so I am not the only one …

Can you please verify the above, and in case a dev needs to remote debug the issue, is anybody prepared to assist?

Are you on Win7 64bit?

I’ll hook up my G3 again to see if i have the same issue.