Windows 7 firewall does forget saved policies for applications


a friend of mine has the newest comodo firewall and he has - with windows 7 - the problem that once he sets a rule for a application and tells the firewall to remember it, with every system restart (or application restart, I am not sure) the firewall does ask again which can become quite annoying. any suggestions?



Does he click Apply and OK?

:slight_smile: yes. and the remember my answer checkbox was checked too.

he did only install the firewall of CIS, not the other stuff. maybe this is related? I just read in another post, that one user without the antivirus had a similar problem.

Maybe we are talking about different things.
Is it going to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules?
Or is it a pop-up that apears randomly with the options Allow and Block and a checkbox (like you said) with the option Remember my Answer?
Because in the second case it’s probably Defense+ and not the Firewall. Could you check that out?


thanks for your replies. it is the firewall asking for sure, its not defence+. defence+ is deactivated, only the firewall is activated. I am taking about the popup window that appears when a application is trying to dial out for the first time where it is asking you to allow or not, and if you want to allow, you can choose one of the prefined firewall policies, if you like. every time my friend is starting a application(or after restart, I am not sure about that) that does want to dial out, the popup appears again, regardless if he did already allow or block the app.

Try not using the “Allow” option but instead “Treat this application as”, then choose from the drop down menu, then Remember my answer/OK. Hope it works.


Does this application reside on a USB stick or Encrypted Volume from for example TrueCrypt etc ?

YEAH - i was searching for exactly THIS.

I have this Problem only on a removable Drive
(basically it is a crypted container which is mounted on demand by user)

And all applications which are inside this container are “forgotten” by comodo firewall
i can see the application like S:\directory\app.exe in the firewall rule set - but comodo is asking anyway

this happens ONLY on this container solution - all other rules are fine

any suggestions on this ?

OS: Win7 x64
Comodo: 3.12.111745.560
Defense+: off
[Firewall only mode]

This is by design, CIS doesn’t “trust” external/removable devices and a “mounted container” is seen as an external device, so it will alert you once and remember that during the life time of the mount. After that you will again get a new alert.

Has been requested on the Wishlist to change this behavior to somehow “trust” the encrypted container(s).

Thank you for pointing out :slight_smile:

Would be nice to have an option switch here :slight_smile:

Thank you and regards.

Any way to track if this feature will make it into comodo ?
Is there any thread i can follow so i see if and when it will come (or not) ?

asking again

Any way to track if this feature will make it into comodo ?
Is there any thread i can follow so i see if and when it will come (or not) ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Normally i would expect this to end up in the release-notes

I can add to this, that Comodo doesn’t forget the saved rule. It ignores it. I just checked this, and every time you tell Comodo to remember the a certain app (e.g. FirefoxPortable), it adds another rule. After 5 restarts, you’ll have five identical firewall rules for the same app, none of which is working.

Bug or by design, this is most annoying. Any hope that this will be fixed?

Maybe some moderator can answer - how can i bring this to comodo’s attention, that
quite some users think this is a needed feature ?

Because files i have residing on crypted containers and on usb sticks show the pointed out behavior.

So is there a feature request form somewhere around, where i can cleanly write out the needs for
the feature and it gets more attention as in a small thread in the support forum ?

Thanks in advance for all your support !

Basically what i want is my good old CFP 2.4 for win7 with MD5 support and support for removable drives :-))))

From what i understood this was supposed to be supported in CIS v4 but what .x version that will be no idea… I guess we need to add it to the wishlist for CIS v4 once it’s not in the first beta :wink:

Is there any rough ETA for v4? I’m about to switch to a firewall that can handle programs on TrueCrypt drives, but if v4 is due with the next quarter, I might wait for it.

It’s currently running Public Beta now, and Comodo aims to release it somewhere February so depending on the outcome of the Beta testing I’d say March should be it…

(no guarantees how ever, it’s still free software and times and dates can change :wink:

Public beta? Does that mean that in can be downloaded from somewhere?

COMODO Internet Security 4.0.664.127486 BETA Released.