Windows 7 doesn't work at all with comodo?

Is this a known issue with windows 7 or is this something new. I mean the installer will go just fine. But as soon as i try to open up any program that’ll ever conenct to the internet it auto-shutsdown the program. This has only been happening since windows 7 rc.

Is anyone else out there having these issues like me?

Did you install as Admin?

Actually CIS works just fine with Windows 7, the only thing it does not do, yet, is integrate with the security centre.

Fine here, build 7100(RC)

Don`t even have to install in compatibility mode anymore, just as admin.


I did install it as an Admin. And it just won’t work with me at all. And by work i mean at all. Also what versions are you two using? 64bit or 32bit? I was using x64. As of build 7100+ CIS minus av won’t work right with 7.

did you download from MS or a torrent?

CIS x64 and x86 has worked with Windows 7 x64 and x86 for quite a long time now. Certainly I can vouch for the fact that it works on all win 7 builds since 7100.

I got it straight from the windows 7 customer preview site. It’s not been working for me for some unknown reason. It just goes completely apeshit. I don’t know why it just does. I’ll try disabling defense+ to see if that does anything when i get it back up again.

Ok, it’s not working. It’s broken. Just plain and simple, it’s broken. It refuses to work with windows 7 build 7100 x64. No way to make it work. Proactive+Firewall=no working. Oh well i’ll wait for it work on 7 x64 then. In the mean time i’ll go try some other x.x worse firewall.

It’s really difficult to say why it won’t work on your system. I assume you’ve disabled the internal windows firewall?

Can you even install CIS, if so, at what point does it stop working? Are there any system events generated?

It works, but it doesn’t allow anything else to happen. Nothing else can connect to the internet. So it’s going completely apeshit. I can install it just fine, then i restart. After that i notice that my av isn’t working so i’m like great Comodo’s gone apeshit again. So i try firefox, and it starts then dies. No system even generated :confused:

Next time i try to install it i’ll check to see if windows firewall is disabled(as i thought i disabled it before i installed comodo)

Ok finally did it again. All i have to say is i guess i’ll not be using comodo till windows 7 becomes final and they somehow make it work finally. Currently this is what happens.

I install comodo(making sure to turn of windows firewall), i then restart.*

After my pc starts i notice something strange. My antivirus has been disabled. So i check everything and there’s comodo still running just fine. This is what it does to me. It does not allow any other program to run that wants to use the internet except IE. Go comodo it seems that comodo has morphed itself into some sort of spyware instead of a firewall and protection.

I tried disabling defense+. Nothing. Then i tried moving the firewall to training. Nothing. It seems that comodo just hates me. I’m using windows 7 x64 build 7100 as i was before. Comodo+anything but M$ programs=not allowed to run. Go comodo for limiting my ability to run my system. Oh well i guess it’ll never be solved :confused:
*I install comodo firewall, proactive defnese.

Sorry to hear you’re still having problems. The problem is, CIS does work with Windows 7, so if it’s not working in your environment, it must be something to do with your set-up. Question is, what?

First. Which AV are you using?

Second. Unplug your network cable during the installation. Let everything start and see what happens, before you reconnect.

I'm using windows 7 x64 build 7100

I’m using the same build and don’t have (and never had) any problerms with Comodo whatsoever. Toggie is right - the problem lies in your configuration…

Did you have another version of CIS installed before you installed the current one? Or is this a clean install?

You put the firewall to training mode. Please delete all entries made for program rules under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules and see how things go.

Also show us your Global Rules, firewall and D+ logs?