Windows 7 & defense+ issues


I’ve upgraded to windows 7 64bit & installed the 64bit installer V3

However, if the defense+ mode is installed, it cancelles out many applications & games from running. IE, call of duty world at war - you see the load screen & then black everything. Can’t ctlrl+alt+delete. You have to restart

I was able to get around this by uninstalling & re-install without the defense+ there. This is a workaround, but I can’t experience the full security now as defense+ doesn’t appear to be working correctly. I did have this installed on winxp & it worked fine. I think the 64bit for win7 needs some tweaking

Many thanks


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I have COD5 World at war too.

Go to following link and read my replies there.
Windows 7 settings for CIS.;msg326584#msg326584

For the ‘world at war’.
1.make CIS to “Traning mode” for a while.(both ‘Firewall’ and ‘D+’) World at war
3.quit the game
3.go to CIS
4.make ‘CoDWaW.exe’ to ‘Trusted’.(it’s located in installed folder)

After the above.
Make mode to default.
Firewall: safe mode
D+: Clean Pc mode

If you have any other problem, let me know.