windows 7 compatibility

There are some problems running cis with win 7, notably the defense rules and firewall rules are not saved.
Switch between configurations clears all rules.
Trying to save configuration brings up box saying run as admin but if you set config to run as admin still get same request.
If you set cpf to run as admin the system hangs at start.
Also if you make a disc backup of c: when you restore the disc all the defense/firewall rules are cleared.
Installed cpf under vista compatibility mode but this makes no difference.
This is with latest version of cis.
Any hope of compatible version or perhaps some help to get this working ok.
Many thanks.

Please read my replies in the following post.

Many thanks for the info, did look around forum but obviously not enough.

no problem.

I had a problem with the installation I downloaded software from the above first link

by selecting 32 bit windows7 when I try to install the software after selecting language i got a error.

Error 109:Not able to extract incompactSw.ini

pls help me my present laptop did not have any antivirus .

Thank you.

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i too am running into the same error. has anyone figured out what it is or y it comes up? ??? ???

The user who having ‘Error 109:Not able to extract incompactSw.ini’
go to following link and read please.

thanks man that really helped ;D typical noob move tho huh? Trying to install the wrong version ( 32 bit instead of 64 ) please excuse my noobeness i have learned from this lesson and intend to continue learning as much as possible from these forums. Thank you once again :slight_smile: