Windows 7 & CIS (Firewall Only) v6

How do I get rid of the stupid CisTray icon in my Taskbar? (NOT the icon in the Systray!)

FWIW, the new UI configuration is HORRIBLE!!!

Who the heck does your UI QC??? Everything in the previous UI was intuitive - this one is hidden behind flips and dropdowns, etc.

I want the SIMPLICITY that CIS used to have! You’re starting to become bloatware like Norton. LOTS of garbage I don’t need or want.

I want a simple firewall that I can configure and that alerts me to what programs are doing (Defense+).


And what happened to the ability to view the number of in/out/blocked connections?


I notice I can’t even kill the CISTRAY task, since IT is running the CIS.EXE program! Who the heck though that up! And who the heck ok’d it to be released like that? There appears to be no GUI method for getting rid of this CISTRAY, which not only occupys space on my Taskbar, but floats on my desktop.

I do not want either of them! They are annoying and obtrusive! This new interface is even worse than Win8/Office2k13 :frowning: :-TD


Ok, with some tinkering around, I replaced the registry entry for CISTRAY.EXE with CIS.EXE -h (just added the -h now, as it did not start up minimized, hope that’s still the appropriate switch for it).

I still maintain that this sort of option should be user-controlled in the GUI. Poor design interface, plain & simple.