Windows 7 BSOD

I have had no problem running CIS on W7 builds 7000,7048, and 7057. But when it came time to install and run the newest version of CIS on Windows 7 RC 32 bit, I encountered the BSOD!!! This happens when CIS tries to initialize after boot-up. Didn’t generate a bug report before I uninstalled it. Temporarily running a substitute FW and AV until all the bugs get ironed out in W7 and CIS.
Anyone else with this problem and possible workarounds/solutions??

Use CIS RC2 please.

It works fine.

Why don’t use 7100 RC1?

7100 works really great.

One of my systems is 7100RC1 X64+CIS RC2.

It works great.


Or You Can Wait For One More Day And Check With The Final Release Of CIS 3.9

That is what I am running W7 7100 RC1
Thanks :wink:

Didn’t realize the final release of CIS 3.9 was that close. Thanks for the heads up.
I will wait and see how it goes after tomorrow when I try CIS final and install in on my Windows 7 build 7100 RC1 :wink:

Any idea when the final release of CIS 3.9 will be ready for download today?


Join the when is it coming party here: …(:NRD)

Sounds like a tomorrow Wed. 13th is the final release???
■■■■… I have to wait until Sunday to install. Work the next four days from 3am to 7pm
Too bad it couldn’t have been released today.
Oh well it better be worth it :o