Windows 7 Beta - Firewall issues

Hello dear Comodo Community,

i’m currently trying to install Comodo CIS ver. 3.8.65951.477 on
a Windows 7 (ver. 6.1.7000 Build 7000; Latest updates installed).

The first installation (without any compatibility-options) ran trough without any errors.
But after i restarted, i was told that the Firewall couldn’t be initialized
successfully, whereas the AV part did work (it was displayed as active, both in Comodo
& Windows Action Center and recognized EICAR).

The built-in diagnostic tool was not able to repair it nor did it tell me
what exactly went wrong.

When i tried the update function, i got an error message (the error code
was 101) that some files where corrupted.

I uninstalled CIS, and did an rollback to the windows version before the installation of

A redownloaded the installer and it got the same MD5-Hash:
(Could anyone confirm this?)

My current guesses are:

  • trouble the firewall drivers;
  • compatibility problems with the windows firewall;

I’m not expecting to get an answer, i’m just playing around a bit and
like to share my experience with other Comodo-users (or even the Dev-team), but
some help would be nice anyway.


Welcome to the Forum, NJ.

Comodo does not support Win7 at this time as it is still pre-release.
There are numerous posts concerning Win7 and how to use CIS with it.
First, the latest WIN7 is build 7100 (the RC is officially released today from this MS link)

You need to install CIS in Vista compatibility mode. CIS also need to run in Vista compatibility mode and you require CFPUPDAT.exe set to Vista compatibility mode also for the updater to work.
Please note the Security Center changed its format with release 7068 and won’t recognize CIS at present.

Hello John, thanks for the fast reply.
I’m aware of the beta-status of Windows 7, and as i stated in my first post
i don’t really want help but rather share my experience with Comodo and Windows 7.

If you, or another moderator, consider this as spam, let me know about it.

Yeah and those posts all tell me to run it on Vista compatibility, which IMHO isn’t best
practice for a firewall :wink:
I’d rather like to see it running in “native”-mode.

And thanks for the URL!

So far i reinstalled Comodo, restarted Windows with the same problem as stated in my first post.

I checked the eventlog and found an Error with the EventID 513, which indicates an permission-issue.
(Details: Event ID 513 — Shadow Copy System Writer Functionality | Microsoft Learn)

I think i’m going to stop for today and install the new RC of Windows 7.

Hi NJ, John, Comodo Community

I just installed Windows 7 RC1 last night and had a similar problem with Comodo - the firewall couldn’t initialize and the diagnostic couldn’t fix it.

I just wanted to confirm that NJ’s solution DOES work with RC1. Install the program under Vista compatibility mode (and “Run as Administrator”), and then after installation is complete, set the update application to Vista compatibility as well. Everything works 100%, and I must say I love the software. I’ve been an AVG user for about four years and I thought I’d try something new since my license expires in a few days, and I don’t really like the direction AVG has turned. The Comodo software seems so much more comprehensive, especially in the firewall area. I don’t know how well it performs anti-virii wise, in comparison to AVG, but it’s eating almost no system resources, so thats awesome. AVG used to be like that, but over the past year every update just seems to make the footprint bigger and bigger and bigger…

So thanks for some fantastic (and free!) software, I hope you’ll be adding native Windows 7 support soon, but this work around is just as good.

Paul Houser

Ok so I’m reading about how awesome windows 7 is and even apple fanboys are digging it so I give it a whirl and i finally get the install in there without it reverting back to vista ( i think it’s not designed to be left unattended and that’s what was going wrong) and as the new start screen gives way to setup finishing up things I get the BSOD blaming inspect.sys and alternately but less frequently diskcache.sys.

inspect.sys says the driver unloaded without canceling pending operation (0x000000CE).

Diskcache.sys says there’s a page fault in non paged area (0x00000050). I understand this to mean anything from bad memory to the pope sneezed and everything in between. I’m not really worried about this one.

Now my question:
Have anyone done the Vista to 7 upgrade with CIS installed before the upgrade? Did anyone else get these messages?

I also have Vista SP2 so that may be messing with things a little more. I’m not sure.


Let Win7 report any upgrade errors to M$, so that they can resolve this before it goes public.