Windows 7 Base Filtering Engine (BFE) Windows Service and Comodo Firewall


I am wondering if Comodo Firewall are using or needs the Base Filtering Engine (BFE) Windows Service in Windows 7 to function properly?

I am aware of other Windows 7 security implications when disabling the Base Filtering Engine (BFE) Windows Service, so are just wondering about Comodo Firewall and the service.

Thank you.

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Hi and welcome Laurus12,
I am not to sure about the security implications with disabling this service with Comodo Firewall.
I will try to find out more from a staff member, if/when I do I will post back.

I suspect it is required because in Version 6 Beta the animations in the icon and widget disappear.
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Thank you very much for your reply Captain.

When I disable the service I get the message that it will severely degrade the security with Windows, because it is used for firewall management and so on. So I am wondering if this means Comodo Firewall and firewalls in general also, or just Windows Firewall.


Any news about this? I Like disable the service… Im using COMODO FW 6

The BFE is needed for the traffic animation and widget in v6 and only for traffic animation in v5.x.

Thank you very much for your follow up Eric.

If I understand this correctly: By disabling BFE Service there are no security implications when it comes to Comodo’s Firewall performance regarding security itself.

Could you please confirm?

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It has no impact on the security performance of the firewall.

Thank you Eric