Windows 7 and Comodo-Firewall: problem by installing network-service-modul

Hi, I´m owner of a new PC with Windows 7 (64 bit) for 2 weeks.
So I begun to secure it with Comodo-CIS, but only with the firewall (Antivirus is G-Data).
I tried to install the current version (3.13.125662.579) 64bit.
While it proceeded, there was the question about installing ‘network service modul’: I agreed.
PC tried to restart but hangs > power cut > PC started, Firewall announced problems > diagnose > system tries to reinstall the network service modul > problem subsists.
I un- and reinstalled > same problems…

uninstall for the moment.

What ist the network service modul good for? Is it necessary to install?
Do anyone know what to do?

Can you recall from what program the question about installing the Network Service Module came from? It is not a Comodo alert.

Can you try going back using a system restore point and installing CIS again and post a sceenshot of the alert?

Oh, it is no alert!!
During installation an ‘under’-software-installation-process pops up (the same as you want to install any other software), asking if I want to install this network-service (I didn´t know if it is necessary, so I did), then installation proceeds, after it´s done, the whole CIS-Installation finalizes with ‘PC has to restart’… and hangs.
Than I made power-cut and the firewall doesn´t work well > diagnose > installation network-service once again…
At the moment I don´t have time to repeat installation (because of systemtrouble and the effort to stabilize system), but I hope you can imagine the process by my explanation!?
First I like to thank you for acquiring my problem.

The thing that I can think of right now is the alert of Vista and Win7 will give for installing the driver of the firewall.

Good luck with stabilizing your system. That can be a daunting task.

In case uninstalling CIS gives you troubles you can always use this clean up tool.

Thanx very much.
I got the software, try it at the weekend.
Coming soon…