Windows 7 and comodo firewall cant get online

I have windows 7 ultimate 64bit and when i install the firewall and restart the computer the wireless internet says im connected but when i go to use firefox or IE not able to go to any websites cannot display the webpage i dont know what i need to do to fix this i have allowed everything to connect to the internet this is a fresh windows install
im running

windows 7 64bit ultimate
D-link dir-655 router
Cable internet
dell d620

when i uninstall the firewall everything works fine

Can you confirm you didn’t change anything to the standard configuration?

Can you post screenshots of the Firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

Not only is ipv6 essential to windows (turning it off will break things) it makes accessing the guaranteed. He said it works with the firewall off, so why advise him to disable a core component of the os when it’s a software problem?

Since when did it become a core component?

Total disabled on Vista x 32 no problems


There are no items to show in the log so posting it would be pointless
no settings changed from regular installation

disabling and restarting with no ipv6 didn’t help any sorry
this is a software problem5

Try disabling all other security and network related programs that you have running in the background. Does that help?

not at all as i said fresh install man no anti virus nothing else

Since it happens on a pristine OS. Are you using any network related tools that run in the background like Netlimiter or so? The reason I am asking as is a good indication of a possible bug.

Do you use the latest drivers of your WiFi card? Does the same thing happen when you use a wired connection?

Have you turned off Windows Firewall?

Please check if sychost.exe is not blockt from firewall
This happend on my computer …