Windows 7 and Comodo 3.9

first of all thnx for the new version, but the new action center in windows 7 can not recognize comodo firewall and antivirus !
is there anything that i can do ?

Just ignore it.
Until new version comes up or patched.
You can turn it off those warning messages in the ‘Change Action Center Settings’.
My system: Windwos 7 Ultimate X64 7100RC

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Ok thnx :slight_smile:

??? Does Comodo v3.9 even install on Windows 7 RC?


You have to manually disable windows firewall and remove notices about no AV and no Firewall.
Because the new security center now action center uses a new format which is unsupported in CIS so it isn’t recognized but it all works well.


It is not only Win 7 it is already deployed in Vista SP1.

For Vista there is a grace period one and a half year period in which it won’t nag you about it. The first Vista SP1 computers to start complaining will be as early as September this year. Ronny did notify Egeman about it.