Windows 7 and cfp.exe Compatibility Issue

Hi, no idea where to post this. ???

Running CIS version 5.4.189822.1355 (without AV). All seems well until just had a CIS crash doing nothing more than opening and closing configuration dialogs. Submitted bug report.

Windows presented attached compatibility detection saying it had changed CIS’s settings. Dunno what to make of this change. Wasn’t given any say in it, so don’t know what was done and overlooked the link to find out! :frowning:

Any advice on what the ‘compatibility’ issue may exist between CIS and Windows 7 Pro x64?

[attachment deleted by admin]

if you still using Avast 6, you should uninstall CIS, clean the leftovers and reinstall Comodo Firewall (or run CIS installer and unchech the AV module ).

i have the same config than you on w7 x64 and no problems.

Sorry about delay in my reply :embarassed:

Thanks for advice. :-TU