Windows 7 and 8 are also tracking you

" As noted in an article on gHacks, new updates pushed out recently to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 include features that introduce some severe data collection and tracking features that some users will be uncomfortable with. "

Hi sAyer,
I said awhile back is Win 10 really that much worse than Win 7/8 for tracking etc, or is it more transparent than the previous versions so the issues get publicised more.

Kind regards.

The difference is choice :slight_smile:

You can choose if you want something or not in Win 7, in Win 10 none.

It also appears now they are not even going to tell you what some updates are for 88)


I do agree that choice is good.

These new tracking functions were using up some serious CPU cycles on my old netbook multiple minutes after boot. Another reason to remove them.