Windows 7 64bit autobackup fails

Hi, Am running CB on a Win 7 64 bit box. Have created a backup job for each day, to do full system backup to a USB drive. Manually running the backup works as expected and does not error.

The scedule will not run though. Have been through power options on PC to make sure the PC doesnt sleep / hibernate at the scheduled time, User is not logging off. The scheduled taks is using full permissions, and has the full PCNAME\PCUSER and password in the schedule.

The PC is not part of a domain. Backup log shows opening parent backup, opening file path to file on USB drive, Creating incremental backup pathe to file on USB, initiating, gathering, could not send backup, process failed with code 101784.

Anyone have any ideas please :o(

Have you tried using a service type ; back up?