windows 7 64 bit

on windows 7 64 bit i am planning to install CIS full so should i enable or disable UAC.


Disable it.

thanxx replying.

one more query.

i have a win xp 32 bit and now win 7 64 bit.

on win xp

under msconfig - startup i have only 2 things enabled, cfp and ctfmon.

under task scheduler i dont have any entries.

on win 7 64

i checked startup and there were many entries enabled. so i checked all the entries and according to me (not that experienced and win 7 64 is completely new to me) only cfp definately enabled and others i disabled coz i didn’t find them to keep enabled. is this right??

task scheduler there are 4-5 entries and i think they are not necessary coz they are for like dvd app and cd writer app so i think i can delete those entries. m i right??


p.s any other changes you guyz suggests.

Why disable it? I have x64, and keep UAC enabled. No install or runtime issues to be seen.

No, but if you disable UAC temporarily and check to see how much less RAM is required without it doing double duty along side Comodo Defense+ which is much better protection than UAC you may be tempted not to re-enable UAC.


UAC - User Access Control - used to control/restrict who has access to various functions/software, not what software can be run.

This is indeed something I require on my system. Disabling it will bring severe repercussions.

Disabling it may be fine for those who only use one account and are the sole user of their computer.

This is not the case on my system

Fortunately I am the only one using this computer and the day I turned off UAC in favor of using Comodo Defense + I was able to both eliminate the headache of hassling with constant UAC prompts as well as the 40-50 MB of RAM usage that running UAC requires, but I can certainly understand the value of being able to control which programs can be run on a computer with multiple users.