Windows 2008 Web Proxy / Firewall / AV / Antispyware

I have a single x64 bit server serving a small network, where I’m dependent on my end users not turning their AV off, not downloading dodgy stuff, and so on.

How hard can it be to crib something up so that the server is used for all internet traffic, and everything downloaded from the internet through it is scanned?

Oh - and since it’s Windows 2008 x64… well, you know.

You need a server AV solution where the antivirus is controlled via the server. I use one at work, it is Sopos Antivirus and only the server administrator or local administrator can configure the antivirus. I also have the Sophos firewall intrgrated also, only the administrators can change/add restrictions to it. I do not know how much it costs for a small network but there are products out there that do it via the server.

Another thought is you can also do it via the mail server if you have it on your network.