Windows 2000 support - again

My biggest wish list item would be support for Windows 2000 as you have now seemed to drop CAVS 2 support.

All XP users should learn from the 2000 users—if it isn’t the latest (or just 1 back) upgrade your OS so you can use the ‘free’ security system; otherwise fight with Avast or AVG.
I’ve purchased a Firewall/AV program with a 5 box license for $89.00 (am promised a rebate to equal free for replacing my current firewall/av but since it’s the Comodo free program I doubt I’ll get the rebate). A halfway decent desktop PC runs $399.00 plus tax and that buys a ■■■■■■ OS, or 4 to 5 years of firewall/av renewals – more if renewals are less as is usual for renewals. Right now I can’t afford/won’t spend for a less satisfactory PC and won’t hassle with Avast (update nightmare) or AVG (trouble of all sorts until removed down to nit-picking through the registry).

I only came to Comodo because they acquired BOClean which I’ve used for around ten years and knew that BOClean worked! I will keep in touch and still recommend Comodo to friends who have new machines, but I’ll also warn them that once their machine is several years old, it’s either update the OS or hunt for different firewall/av.