Windows 2000 server DHCP not issuing IP addresses with Comodo

I run a Windows 2000 server with DHCP, DNS, and IIS for intranet.
I have an internet router at address
My server is at address
Trusted zone set to to
No logs are created when clients are attempting to get an IP address from the server.
No applications are set to Block.
No components are set to Block.

I have added the following Network Control Rules:
Allow_________IP IN/Out____10.1.1.1 to
Allow_________IP IN/Out____10.1.1.101 to
Allow & Log____IP Out______10.1.1.100___________Any_____Any
Allow & Log____TCP In____________Any__________Any_____Port xxxx
Allow & Log____UDP In____________Any__________Any_____Port xxxx

These rules are before the final block and log rule, but after all default rules that Comodo creates upon installation.

My problem is that my client PCs cannot obtain an IP address unless I set Comodo to Allow All.

Any ideas?