Windows 2000 and Windows Me

Something I’ve never quite understood is the distinction between Windows 2000 and Windows Me. I know the requirements for CPF say Windows 2000, but if CPF can actually run on Windows Me, then I’d like to install it on one of my home computers.

Windows Me are an evolution of Windows 98.
Windows 2000 are an evolution of Windows NT.
Windows XP are an evolution of Windows 2000.

I don’t think that you will succed at installing CPF on Windows ME. But you can try to see by yourself. In most chases the installers notifies the users that the program they try to install is incompatible with their operating system.
You can try another great free firewall like Jetico Personal Firewall which can be found at
The problem is that jetico is a lot more difficult to configure for a novice or a medium user. Even an advanced user will need sometime to figure it out (it is much similar to hardware firewalls) but when you understand it you will love it. If you deside to give it a try and need any help post again so I can give you some hints :wink:

Thank you, pandlouk! :slight_smile:

You are welcome :smiley: