Windows 10

Hi, just wondering if CIS 8.2 is going to be ok with windows 10? the reason I ask is because I had a win 10 install notification today. I haven’t installed it yet but I have scheduled it for 31/7. So will it be ok to install win 10?

Hi please ignore original post. I see that CIS will be ok with win 10.

I would just wait a little longer, some users have reported issues with CIS Firewall failing after upgrade to Win10…
Comodo is working on a hotfix

I’ve heard that if you upgrade to Win10, that it will only run for 1 year and then you’ll have to cough up some dough.

That can’t be true surely

ok I’ll wait for a while thanks

Definitely not true.
Please be prepared to back up claims with news blog links before posting.
Thank you

Hi Guys,
Retail versions of previous Windows have transfer rights to another system.
This is the advantage of a retail version in case of system failure or system upgrade etc.

This appears to be possibly contradicted in Windows 10 upgrade, in that it is sounds like it is hooked to the device it is first activated on (Like an OEM version).
What are the basic facts of the free Windows 10 upgrade?-MS FAQ
Free upgrade to Windows 10-Answers Microsoft

In case your system/device with the Win 10 upgrade is decommissioned for any reason, would the following work to take advantage of your retail version?
Example: Install your retail version of Win 7 on the new device, then run the Win 10 upgrade.
Would Win 10 activate on the new system, or fail as it has been recently activated on another system?

Now even if the above does work to take advantage of your retail version of Win 7 (Transferable copy) then upgrade to Win 10, if you upgrade the system/device after July 2016 you will only be able to activate Win 7 and not upgrade to Win 10 as the offer has expired?

I think Windows 10 upgrade can possibly impose some unforeseen limitations on your retail copy of a previous version of Windows.
Edit note: I am just thinking out loud at possibilities, I maybe totally wrong above and Win 10 maybe treated as a full retail version when upgrading/activating from a retail version.


Users of Windows 7/8 have 1 year from the release date of Windows 10 to upgrade for free, and then their device will receive updates for the life of the device.
After 1 year, if you didn’t upgrade by then, no one knows what will happen yet.