Windows 10

Not exactly breaking news, but the start menu is back. Steve Ballmer said it was gone and would never return. Now he’s gone and it’s back. After the launch of Windows 8 - I said if they had made the apps native to the desktop and resizable and kept the start menu it would have been a great success. Now that’s the way it is. Why is it so hard for a multi-billion dollar company to see what is so obvious to it’s end users.

Generally, because they think they know better.

It’s back but it’s not as flexible or complete as even the Windows 7 start menu (you can’t add menu items to the right pane of the start menu for example, Control Panel, My Computer, etc.) so it’s clear this is yet another fudge and not a real step forward. I have been encouraging Microsoft (via the Windows 10 Technical Preview feedback mechanism) to develop a modern, flexible, and customisable start menu for Windows 10 designed for keyboard/tablet users.

IMO If Windows 10 doesn’t make desktop/laptop users say say “wow” then few will upgrade from Windows 7 (or Windows 8/8.1 with a third-party start menu installed). Whilst an OS is way much more than it’s UI, after the Windows 8 debacle, Windows 10 will be all about the UI on desktops/laptops. It’s a political release and it seems that Microsoft (still) don’t get that.

In Windows 10 the right pane would be the ModernUI hybrid thingy and you can actually add pretty much whatever you want to it, system applications, normal applications, modern apps etc. Although I assume what you meant is that the right-pane that used to have those system applications have been removed in favor of the ModernUI addition?

The only issue I have with the new start menu is that you can’t easily pin things in the upper left and lower left areas, you have to drag and drop which doesn’t work all that well when you can’t easily get from the all applications view back to the start menu.

Although all things considered I do actually like the start menu in windows 10 more than the one in windows 7 and 8, it just needs to improve on the point I mentioned above.

More likable than windows 8.

I think it’s just really sad when a company has all these people, but they think that they know what is best and not the people who use their products.

What’s even worse is that they don’t even listen to the people who use their products.

It is very sad that we never got SP2 and a proper update for AMD FX chips!

Just peachy…
Just when I upgraded to W7 Pro earlier this year; M$ jumps to 10…

Maybe I should just jump to Linux and call it quits?