Windows 10 update turns off Comodo firewall and antivirus?

Yesterday I updated a Windows 10 Home tablet to the latest Microsoft updates from this week (build 18363.657). Upon checking the security settings of the system, I noticed the “manage providers” section reported Comodo firewall and antivirus being turned off, while Windows’ firewall and antivirus were on.

Is this “a thing” now? I know in the past Windows 10 updates used to change some settings, but nothing like this…

I turned them back on. The weird thing is also that despite the situation, the Comodo firewall logs reported usual block/allow activity during the period when it was claimed to be off.

Hello Max2015,

Thank you for reporting.
This is an temporary issue there maybe an miscommunication between the Comodo and Windows security providers.Further if you face this kind of issues in the sense kindly reboot your PC and check.

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