Windows 10 update - some FPs?

I’ve encountered a couple of times that Comodo AV found some “malware” while Windows 10 was being updated (it was in one of the system directories). Has anyone else come across this?

Hello Max2015,

Can you share some detected samples so we can check them? Thank you!

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OK, I’ll post them when I get to that device (likely on Sunday or Monday).

Sorry for my delay, but the machine in question was in service/repair.

This is how the log looks - mostly MRT’s directories, and one WinSxS. They all appeared during the Windows update process (the system is supposed to be clean, and MRT also didn’t ever report anything). Unless those are “virus samples” kept by MRT…


It looks like CIS is detecting some old files that Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool has probably moved in its quarantine due to a past detection.

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But wouldn’t have MRT notified me in case it encountered any such files in the past? I mean, the machine has been clean, and MRT (or manual scan with Comodo AV) never ever reported anything.