Windows 10 TP no longer allows CIS 8.2 to be installed

As of Windows 10 build 10240, the OS will no longer allow the installer to execute, and I’ve found no way to bypass it. Despite that, my existing CIS installation survived the 10166 to 10240 upgrade and continues to function with no problems that I’m aware of. No problems besides Windows Defender refusing to coexist with it as it has done in Windows 8.1.

I’m aware CIS on Windows 10 is not officially supported, but my question is, is support being worked on? I can’t find any official statement in this regard, and the OS is due for general availability in less than two weeks.

Open the installer (cis_installer.exe / cfw_installer.exe / cav_installer.exe) with an archive program like 7-zip then navigate to [b]cfw_installer.exe\cis\download\installs\xml_binaries\cis[/b] and then extra either cis_setup_x64.msi (if you have a 64bit system) or cis_setup_x86.msi (if you have a 32bit system)

Please note that this seems to extract the cis installer regardless of which product you downloaded, so for example if you downloaded Comodo Firewall then using the method above it will extract the installer for Comodo Internet Security.

After that is done then just run the extracted installer.

If you want Comodo Firewall (i.e without Comodo AV) then you can do the above then use control panel to change the installation and remove Comodo Antivirus.

Be careful, my installation of CIS seemingly survived as well, no error messages, but the firewall wasn’t actually working even if it looked like it. Make extra sure the firewall is actually working and if it isn’t then uninstall CIS and install it with the method above.

Since Comodo has previously worked on Windows 10 technical preview 9926 it would be unthinkable that they aren’t working ■■■■■■■ making CIS compatible with Windows 10, however don’t be surprised if there isn’t an update at launch.

Thank you for this information. I’ve verified the firewall’s functionality, and mine appears to have indeed survived.

I expect the same, but I still hope there will be an official statement from the developers soon.

I myself disable Windows Defender. Both Windows 7 and when I had tested Windows 10 (10130).

The problem is, in Windows 10, when Comodo Firewall is installed, Windows Defender knocks itself off automatically with no override. Since CF doesn’t identify as an AV application, I constantly get bugged to turn Windows Defender back on which I can’t do. (See attachment. Pressing turn on now does nothing.)

This isn’t really a problem for me personally, but I do think it may be (part of?) the reason why Microsoft decided to declare CF incompatible with Windows 10, as CF appears to work flawlessly otherwise.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I managed to get Windows Defender to work with previous Windows 10 builds, but it keeps disabling itself now. Moderators, please report this to the Comodo developers.

After the latest Comodo update, Windows Defender is working again (I had to delete its registry keys manually first though).

Otherwise you can download the older build #5732 here from Comodo, restart, download the update and you’ll have 8.2 on your system. Nevertheless, there’s a reason why Microsoft blocked it: Because the firewall-driver does not work in my case.