Windows 10 to be released July 29

With the upgrade of Windows 10 just around the corner will Comodo Internet Security run on Windows 10.
I recently tested the beta version of Windows 10 and had issues with Comodo Firewall not running, so will CIS be Windows 10 compatible?

Thanks in advance


CIS has been working on my W10 build 10130 with no issues. I did uninstall CIS before i updated to the current build of windows and then reinstalled CIS after.

Comodo is working on it. I don’t know an ETA.

Did you try clean installing CIS? Is your Windows 10 a clean or upgrade installation?

Since there is some doubt about whether Microsoft will make a stand alone installation media available for Windows 10 (it’s an upgrade remember) my install plan is as follows:

  1. Take a full disk image of my current 8.1 system (as a fall back)

  2. Perform a clean install of 8.1 and all drivers

  3. Upgrade 8.1 to 10

  4. Take a full disk image of upgraded 10 system (so I don’t have to muck about with the upgrade again - especially after the 12 months is up).

  5. Install CIS and then all other third party programs

Thanks for the replies, I did a fresh install of both, I understand that Windows 10 is beta, just wanted to be sure that Comodo will be ready for the upgrade when it finally arrives


Windows 10 is still a moving target. I am hoping BuketB can shine a light here.